What Do I Do If I Want My Own Custom OpenScope Case?

Short Answer: Contact your local makerspace!

Long Answer: MY JOURNEY BEGAN on an otherwise innocuous Friday afternoon. I was sitting at my desk when I remembered a conversation I had had earlier that month about potentially visiting a local makerspace to get some laser cut OpenScope cases. Peering outside I surmised that this day was in fact, equal to or greater than any other day for such a venture.  So I packed up my bag, and snagged the CAD files from the OpenScope reference page.

The local makerspace we intended to use was about 1.9 miles away from our office, and so I figured this would be a quaint walk over on a nice summer day. But as soon as I opened the door to exit the office, I was assaulted by temperatures that I thought would never be seen in Seattle. Additionally as I began walking I realized that due to an incredible degree of negligence on my part, I was not wearing socks. 96 degrees of blistering heat and possible actual blisters. This was going to be a journey.

About halfway through my trek, I began to realize that a small green car might be following me. It is important to keep in mind that I have the situational awareness of a rutabaga so if I was actually picking up on something like this it must have been comically obvious. In order to see if this was the case, I slowed my pace, and the car abruptly pulled over to the side of what I am now realizing not too crowded street.

I looked up with what I intended to be an collected and intimidating glace (read-“trying not to pee self look”) and made eye contact with an older gentleman. Well I guess I didn’t know if he was a gentleman. I was hoping he was, since kidnapping me would not be very polite. While I spent way too much time thinking about this, he called out to me:

“Hey do you happen to know which way Broadw-”

Obviously that is exactly what non-gentlemanly abductor would say, so in a fit of fear I proceeded to not be of any help whatsoever and began sprinting in the opposite direction.

The road.

Minute 35 on the road. Heat is becoming excruciating. Have passed two Jimmy Johns now and entered neither. Am beginning to lose sense of identity. Must be getting close soon. Keen natural sense of direction is tingling… Oh wait no that’s Google Maps telling me to take a turn. Were getting close!

I surmounted the final Seattle hill, and lo and behold there it was. Makerspace ho! Heaving my aching body forward, I began to descend into the promised land. Also known as the stairs.

I had made it. I stood for a moment in front of the entrance and reflected upon the journey I had just undertaken and how it had changed me as a person. Then using all of my considerable strength, I heaved open the door.

After taking in the scenery of the space, I found the front desk and relayed my mission.

Miranda: “Hey so what would estimate be on these cases, and could you maybe print them today?”

Nice Desk Man: “Actually were pretty busy today, but if you go online there a work order form you can submit”.

Miranda: “What?”

Nice Desk Man: ” Yeah its really quick and easy! Takes about 5 mins and you can do it from the comfort of your home”.

Miranda: “…. Oh. I see. I will go fill out a work order then”

So alas, the thrilling conclusion of my journey was the discovery that I could probably have saved myself the entire trip but having done some cursory research. But I was proud. I braved questionable smelling sidewalks, blistering heat, and endured 47 minutes of low impact cardio for these cases.

It is important to note, the inclusion of these stories in no way intends to imply that in order to obtain your own custom OpenScope case you must travel across the urban version of middle earth. That kind of journey is reserved more for hobbits and interns. The anecdotes are included more to share my story, and allow understanding of what one is willing to do for one of these coveted cases.

Which it turns out, involves filling out a four and a half minute work order online while in an air conditioned office, but hey I enjoy building things and today thing was character.

This is the dream… this is what we are striving to laser cut more of!

Stay tuned for an update post when the new order arrives!

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