What Is Circuit Thursday?

If you follow us on our social media channels, you may have noticed the re-occurrence of a certain series known as Circuit Thursday. This is a weekly opportunity to show off your circuit-identifying skills and share via social media what you think each featured circuit is supposed to do.

The most popular circuits are not necessarily the most complicated ones… instead we try to keep a diverse mix of circuits represented! Check out some examples below.

Today we will recap some of our most popular past circuits, and detail how to go about entering in the future!

The above circuit got a variety of different guesses, from an oscillator to a 555 timer.  The answer ended up being… a pulse generator!


This one below had some people guessing it was an isolation circuit, or relaxation oscillator. It also had a lot of people arguing that it was something along the lines of a light dependent LED, such as the kind you find in a nightlight!

This one ended up getting quite a few correct guesses, as it detected light and powers the LED when the photocell is covered.

To take part in the fun, simply follow us on Instagram and comment your guess below each week. And make sure you enter today’s Circuit Thursday, featuring the following circuit!


 Good luck!
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