What Is Digilent Bringing to the Hardware Hackathon?

As you learned in my last post, Digilent is sponsoring the 1st Annual WSU Hardware Hackathon, and we certainly couldn’t pull it off without them. In my last post I described the Hackathon and showed all the boxes of stuff that we got from Digilent. However, I didn’t show you what was inside of them, and I’m sure you’re all dying to know.

So, here are all the products Digilent is donating to the Hardware Hackathon. This, of course, doesn’t include the t-shirts and other random components that can be found around the office.


For those who want both an FPGA and the ARM cores, the truly ambitious competitors.

The always useful ZYBO.
The always useful ZYBO.


With its built-in WIFI module, the chipKIT WF32 is perfect for an Internet of Things-themed competition.

The WF32 with built-in WIFI!

Basys 3

For the competitors who want a solid FPGA platform to build their project off of.

The Basys3!
The Basys 3!

chipKIT Starter Kit

With displays, sensors, IC’s  and much, much more, it provides a ton of options to start a project.

The chipKIT Starter Kit.
The chipKIT Starter Kit.

MRK Kits Plus Line

A full robotics kit. Although teams could use the whole kit, I suspect it will be taken apart for its components.

Get started on your own part of making robotic history!
Get started on your own part of making robotic history!

LED Strips

Because bedazzling never really went out style.

WS2812 addressable LED strips.
WS2812 addressable LED strips.

4AA Battery Holder

The most basic way to power your project.

Motors , Wheels, Battery Pack, H Bridges, Robot

USB A to USB B mini

To program the WF32.

USB A to B mini.
USB A to B mini.

USB A to USB B micro

To program the ZYBO and Basys 3.

USB A to micro B.

12V power supply

The WF32 can handle up to 15 V!

12 V power supply.

5 V power supply

In case you only need 5V.

5V  2.5 A power supply.
5V 4000mA power supply, too much for the ZYBO!

Motor wheels and Servo Wheels

Wheels with both the D-hub and spined hub connectors.

Motor extender cable

Project Boxes

The ever useful project box. Use it to hold your project or be part of your project.



Digilent's PmodHB5 that can drive a DC motor via an H-Bridge.
Digilent’s PmodHB5 that can drive a DC motor via an H-Bridge.


Digilent's PmodACL
Digilent’s PmodACL.


Digilent's PmodGPS
Digilent’s PmodGPS.


Digilent's PmodCMPS
Digilent’s PmodCMPS.

and all the necessary cables

Here is a picture of all the supplies in a big pile:

All the things our sponsor Digilent donated
All the things our sponsor Digilent donated! I’m in the picture for scale.

That’s a lot of things! I know that our competitors will do these products justice. For more information about the Hardware Hackathon visit hh.eecs.wsu.edu.

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