What’s the Deal(s) with Cyber Monday?

Holiday time is finally here, but along with welcoming smell of home cooked turkey and distant sound of Christmas carols comes the celebration we are all truly excited for- Cyber Monday!

Not to imply that we are not totally looking forward to spending time with the family and celebrating the more traditional events. I for one cannot wait to be asked repeatedly about whether or not I am engaged yet with a stable job and 401K. But before all that comes the ecommerce event of the year, one that can be comfortably celebrated alone and from behind one’s keyboard.

So make sure your typing-fingers are warmed up and your Wi-Fi connection is strong come Monday the 26th to celebrate this storied event. And while your waiting, feel free to read up on the history of this actual holiday designed to celebrate shopping and consumerism.


Citation: Google says so.
There is even a whole Wikipedia page dedicated to the event and how it came to be.
The term “Cyber Monday” was coined by Ellen Davis,[4][5] and was first used within the ecommerce community during the 2005 holiday season. According to Scott Silverman, the head of Shop.org, the term was coined based on 2004 research showing “one of the biggest online shopping days of the year” was the Monday after Thanksgiving (12th-biggest day historically).

Though the holiday’s official documentation refers only to Cyber Monday we here at Digilent have decided that one day is simply not enough to celebrate. Instead we will be participating in Cyber Week, a full 5 day deals extravaganza!

That’s right, starting November 26th and until November 30th each day  there will be a new deal for those who have signed up!

Think of it like an advent calendar except its not a surprise and it involves things that you might actually use.  This includes some of our most popular products,  like the Analog Discovery 2, Embedded Vision Kit, Pmods, Arty, Cora and the OpenScope MZ.

But keep in mind, you must sign up in order to participate in this wondrous week long celebration!

So get signed up, and get excited!

Personally, I cannot wait to hunker down next to that soft LCD monitor glow, fingers kept toasty by the familiar warmth of my CPU overheating and score some sweet deals!


Cyber Week is upon us, so make sure to check out the update post and stay tuned to the blog for the daily deals!

And sign up. In case that has not been adequately conveyed, that is a thing you should do.

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