Where Should I Post?

In this day and age, figuring out how to find a quick response to your question or comment can often be a challenging task. As we grow comfortable flipping between websites, social media apps, forums, and blogs, it becomes harder to know which platform is best suited for getting the quickest response. We understand that in a moment of project frustration, you don’t want to hassle with figuring out where to get your perfect answer. So instead of searching the web for the answer to your question, we’ve listed the best places to get our attention for any question that needs a solution!

Where Should I Post: Projects I’ve Completed

When you finally reach that project success you’ve been craving since your first meltdown, you may want to share your work with the world in a grand exhibition, proclaiming your new wisdom. Luckily there are multiple ways you can do this, and in this case, the more ways you share the merrier! The first place we love seeing your project success is the Digilent Forum “Project Vault”. Within the project vault you will find amazing projects from other forum contributors and members, such as an HDMI input for the Nexys Video or a game of Tic Tac Toe on the Nexys 4. If you’ve created a project of technical genius, then the Digilent Forum is a great place to join our growing ranks of brilliant engineers and hobbyists!

When looking for other places to share your work, another great option is your favorite social media account. Sharing your projects via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook will help your friends see what you’ve accomplished, as well as provide opportunities for your favorite company to check out your work. You can also reach a bigger audience more effectively when tagging or mentioning specific individuals or companies. Simply “@DigilentInc” on Twitter, or tag us in your image on Instagram or Facebook to help us easily find your achievements. And although we frequently browse each platform (as some of you may have noticed), tagging or mentioning us will get you a response significantly faster. We might even reach out to ask you about featuring your project on the blog!

Where Should I Post: Technical Questions

If you haven’t quite reached that pinnacle of project success, the best place to ask your technical questions is the Digilent Forum. The Forum is a content-rich sanctuary of project and product related information that holds the answer to many of life’s questions. While searching through this resource, you may find exactly what you need if other Forum contributors posted similar questions before you. However, if you question is missing, you can post what you need solved in the relevant category and expect a response within 1-2 business days from our Forum community.

Should you wish to join our community, you are welcome to frequent the Forum, testing your technical genius by answering posted questions. Whether you’re seeking an answer, or looking to help others in their learning process, the Digilent Forum welcomes all individuals with a love for technology!

Where Should I Post: Product Reviews

If you love your product, or see room for improvement, we greatly appreciate hearing from you on the Digilent Store. Writing a product review is a great way to have your voice heard, as well as provide helpful information to others that can be used to make decisions during the purchasing process. Posting product reviews is also quite easy! Simply open the product page, scroll down to product reviews and click “Write a Review”. You are welcome to leave as much (or as little) information as you want, however the more information you provide, the more helpful your review becomes!

Where Should I Post: Questions, Comments, or Suggestions About What I Just Read

If there is more that you seek answers to, and it was not covered in this post, feel feel to leave us your question, comment or suggestion in the box below! When received we will surely jump for joy, as lately we have been deprived of human interaction and have become all too friendly with our local bot community.

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