Where to Find Digilent Projects

Last week we detailed how to find the appropriate resources when working with Pmods, but what if you’re still looking for that initial idea for the project? Or perhaps you have recently purchased one of our products and are unsure of how best to proceed in your learning process. Either way, this guide aims to serve as a quick-glance roadmap for how to best locate and utilize our large arsenal of Digilent projects!

Picture of Jousting Robot (Wiring Tutorial)
Find awesome projects such as this adorable, slightly aggressive Jouster!

First of all, if you are familiar with the Digilent Forum, you probably are aware of our project vault. This is an excellent respository for many of the cool things that are made by Digilent, as well as by anyone using our products. Not only is this the same hub to go for help and questions on a project, it also serves as a great place to post your work and get it seen by the community!

Such as this awesome project that uses the Genesy 2 to create fractals.

If you follow the blog consistently, you will also see updates on both projects in the works, as well as completed conquests of circuitry and code. If you are curious about projects that you may have missed or are a new reader, please check out our “projects” tab on the right!

Halloween LED Spider Costume

Project posts are more frequent around holidays and seasonal times, as we try to have projects that correspond with significant events in the year. This includes this fabulous LED Spider Costume for last year’s Halloween!

Instructables.com is another resource, usually linked to in the blog posts detailing the project. If you are more comfortable with going straight to the site itself, it can streamline the process to follow both our collections (including the Makerspace!) and following the profiles of individuals whose projects you enjoy!

Not something that you would be pleased to find under your bed…but a lot more fun to find on Instructables!

Additionally if you happen to catch us at one of our stops in this years TradeShow tour, you will get a change to see these amazing creations up close and personal! We are currently finishing up in La Jolla, California for ECEDHA!


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