Where to Find Pmod Information and Support

Navigating support channels can be difficult sometimes, especially when you’re using multiple different products in a single design. We want using Digilent Pmods or peripheral modules to be easy so you can spend more time on designing your project and testing concepts than fighting with the hardware. So in this post I hope to make it very clear where to find everything you could need.

1. Digilent Wiki


The Digilent Wiki is a great starting place to find documentation for all of our products. If you scroll about halfway down, you’ll see the Pmod section. From here, you can navigate to a specific Pmod’s resource center or go to the Pmod category main page by clicking on the word “here” highlighted in green in the above image. On the Pmod main page, you’ll find information on everything Pmod, including what makes a Pmod a Pmod, hardware compatibility, who would use Pmods and why, etc. From here you can also link to all other Pmod related pages.


If you navigate to a specific Pmod’s resource center you’ll find links to the schematic, reference manual, Fritzing parts, and code examples.

2. Forum


If you still have a question (or questions) after perusing the Pmod documentation, we’re happy to help. For technical questions go to the Digilent Forum and post under Add-on Boards.

3. Instructables

For cool project ideas using Pmods check out the examples we’ve posted on Instructables.

Picture of Plug and Play Pmods Using LabVIEW

Check out how to interface your Pmods with LabVIEW here!

We hope this helps and don’t hesitate to reach out! Visit the Digilent Store (http://store.digilentinc.com/pmod-peripheral-modules/) to purchase Pmods.

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