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Good day and welcome to our first Digilent Review Awards, where products are matched to determine who is the ultimate winner among our readers. We break down our top contestants to see what they’re made of, and discuss how these features either helped or hindered your project dreams from becoming a reality. The webpages are ready, but we need your help to determine the winner. So, without further ado, we present the nominees for our Digilent Reviews!


Artix-7 FPGA Review Nominees: Arty and Nexys Video
The first of our nominees sport the Artix-7 Field Programmable Gate Array, perfectly suited for home or educational projects. Arty leads the way in a sleek white design that isn’t bound to a single set of processing peripherals. Its sleek set of interactive devices and expansive communication support opens project possibilities, such as an addition of an LED strip controlled by a single push button. Next, we have the Nexys Video with three high-speed digital video ports for impressive A/V development processes. Users delight at the prospect of its onboard peripherals, some of which include an OLED display and multiple switches and buttons to support any project. Recently, we have seen the Nexys Video strut its stuff with a recent spin-off into the world of music with a looper project. Regardless of your project idea, both candidates present enormous potential. To help your nominee win, click now on the review link below and support your product.

Review the Arty                                                            Review the Nexys Video


SPI Pmod Review Nominees: PmodOLEDrgb and PmodJSTK
Our second set of nominees communicate through a standard SPI interface and provide additional functions for any project. The PmodOLEDrgb is relatively new to the scene, but has already shown enormous potential with its ability to provide excellent graphics or gaming extensions. Another fan of the entertainment sphere, the PmodJSTK provides users with three push buttons that assist in gaming endeavors. Soon to be updated, this device does not fear irrelevance with its current feature in the Claw Game, coming soon to the ASEE conference in sunny New Orleans. Which product have you grown to love over the years? Let us know by reviewing one (or both if you can’t decide) to clinch the win!

Review the PmodOLEDrgb                                                 Review the PmodJSTK


Zynq-7000 FPGA Review Nominees: Zybo and ZedBoard
These next two nominees feature a Zynq-7000 all-programmable System-on-Chip (AP SoC) architecture that allows any user to create a whole system design. The Zybo rolled onto the scene as a low-cost alternative to the ZedBoard that fits perfectly with users looking to optimize their product capabilities. Its multimedia and connectivity has supported creative undertakings perfect for the classroom, such as the Zybot. At a higher expense, the ZedBoard provides additional assistance for users who wish to create a Linux, Windows, Android, or other OS/RTOS based design. With unlimited possibility, the ZedBoard is endorsed with online references for embedding a Linux or connecting a camera for image and video processing. Which board is your favorite? Tell us about your experience by clicking on the review link below.

Review the Zybo                                                           Review the ZedBoard


UART Pmod Review Nominees: PmodBT2 and PmodGPS
Another set of Pmods vie for the chance to win our Digilent Review Awards in the UART interface category. The PmodBT2 is a powerful device with wireless capabilities that will heighten your ability to make projects with connective capabilities. It can be used with the Zybo, and is part of the Zybo Pmod Pack, supporting Bluetooth data link to the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. On the other hand, the PmodGPS provides satellite positioning to any embedded system. Using this device will help projects benefit from three meters of GPS accuracy, encouraging the mobility of project concepts. Vote for your favorite by following the corresponding product link below and writing about your experience in a Pmod review.

Review the PmodBT2                                                           Review the PmodGPS


PIC32 Microcontroller Review Nominees: uC32 and WF32
Finally, we end our rewards nominations with a microcontroller category featuring two special PIC32 products. Both are popular boards for MakerSpace projects, and provide easy programming using MPIDE or MPLAB IDE. The uC32 features 42 available I/O pins to help make any project feasible, such as this Simon Says game using LEDs. The WF32 can be paired with WiFi and a MicroSD card connector to aid project simplicity, like with this Thermistor fan control project that was built to keep your entertainment system cool throughout the hot summer months. Depending on your project, each board can provide the necessary assistance for a project outcome you value. Please cast your vote now and write your review for whichever board you have used before in project creation by clicking the corresponding link below.

Review the uC32                                                           Review the WF32

If your favorite board or product did not make it onto the list of nominees, there is still time to help your product win by submitting a review on its product page. You never know when an underdog will surprise us all and overthrow the contest for a win!

We love to hear your opinions and check in daily with our social sites. So if you have a comment, concern, or randomly inspired thought, always feel welcome to send us a message online. You can find a link for each of our social sites by clicking the “Connect with Us” icons at the bottom of our homepage. Don’t forget to tag us so that we see your comments faster and don’t forget to check back for the Digilent Review Award winners!

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