Whoo Hoo! The Analog Discovery 2 Has Won!

So we have some exciting news…

The Analog Discovery 2 has won “Best of Instrumentation” for Hackster.io Maker Madness Competition!

When focusing on the Internet of Things, the AD2 is the perfect companion for the making of your thing!

Developing a product for the IoT? Then you’ll need an Analog Discovery 2, a powerful multifunction tool that allows you to power, acquire, analyze, visualize, and control mixed signal circuits.  Easily connect the analog and digital inputs and outputs to a board, circuit or component. Free WaveForms software drives the Analog Discovery 2 and can be configured to work as several traditional instruments, including mixed-signal oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and function generator.  Small enough to fit in a pocket, powerful enough to replace a stack of lab equipment. Wherever your IoT project takes you, the AD2 ensures you’ll always be able to create.

For those of you that answered our call for help – THANK YOU !!!!
And thank you so  much for everyone who voted!

To celebrate we are offering Free Shipping to any AD2 order (until Feb 28) using MAKERMADNESSAD2 coupon code!

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