Wi-FIRE Rev. C Vs. Wi-FIRE Rev. D

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A few of you may have noticed that our documentation on the Wi-FIRE has made a shift over from Rev. C to Rev. D. What happened to the Wi-FIRE that prompted a major revision update? Let’s find out!

Top down of the Wi-FIRE Rev D

The biggest thing that is immediately apparent (and indeed the cause of this update) is a new header present next to the external power connector and the mini-USB port. This 2×7 pin header is a EJTAG/TRACE connector that allows for the the programming and debugging of the Wi-FIRE through OpenOCD. The Wi-FIRE can have its MIPS Core programmed through this connector or may instead program the Wi-FIRE through the miniUSB port present on the board via the Codescape SDK. With this, you now have a new powerful way to be able to carefully control and debug the PIC32MZ chip.

A close up of some of the silk screen differences between the two boards.

The other major change that occurred was that nearly all of the silkscreen labels of the headers on the board were all changed around; all of the pin routing is still exactly the same aside from the addition of the EJTAG/TRACE connector pins, so all of your existing code will work exactly as expected but the documentation will be a little bit off. Astute users may have also noticed a couple more hardware differences between the two boards with header J4 on the Rev C in particular; it simply doesn’t exist on Rev. D. Why? We found that users never ended up using those pins to monitor the Rx and Tx lines externally when they were accessible through different pins or through software.

So what do you think? Are these some sweet new additions or more of a minor rev? Let us know in the comments below!

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