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While the Nuts and Volts review of the Digital Discovery may be old news to you, we’re still jumping around the Digilent office as we celebrate our first published user experience! With so much excitement built up, we decided it was the perfect time to launch our first giveaway featuring the product on everyones’ mind.

This month we are giving one lucky reader the chance to win our newest instrumentation tool, ultimately saving them $199.99 as well as countless hours of future project troubleshooting (which one might consider priceless). Described in the Nuts and Volts review as “a welcome edition to your Design Cycle”, the Digital Discovery is best known for its ability to provide users up to 32 channels and 800MSPS. That gives the Digital Discovery eight times the sample rate of the Analog Discovery! We have also proved this instrumentation to be the perfect tool for monitoring your digital circuit project and wrote an Instructable that will surely leave your circuits swooning.

So, now that we’ve caught your attention, let’s discuss how to enter our first Digilent Giveaway!

The rules for entry are fairly simple: pick up the June 2017 issue of Nuts and Volts and take a photo of your magazine. You are welcome to show us a physical copy OR the digital edition to qualify for giveaway entry. After you have your photo, upload and share it on either FacebookTwitter, or Instagram (or all, however you will only be granted one giveaway entry) tagging @DigilentInc in the process. If sharing on Facebook or Twitter you must also tag @nutsvolts to be qualified for the giveaway. After tagging the participating accounts, you will need to add the #DigitalDiscoveryGiveaway hashtag so that we can find (and accept) your entry!

We will be monitoring this hashtag regularly and will like or comment on any eligible post to confirm your giveaway entry. Entries must be submitted before July 17th, 2017 at 11:59pm PT to qualify for a chance to win a free Digital Discovery!

We can’t wait to see who will win our first giveaway and wish everyone the best of luck! Let us know in the comments below what you would do after winning a free Digital Discovery.

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