Women in STEM: Empowered by Books

This week, I have some book recommendations! Helping children, especially young girls, embrace their potential empowers a whole generation. Here are some books that I and a few others around the office have enjoyed and find to be good examples.

Written by Andrea Beaty, this book focuses on the importance of persistence and creativity in building. Image and buying information from A Mighty Girl.
Written by Anna M. Lewis, Women of Steel and Stone provides profiles of inspring women from the 1800s through the present. Image and buying info from A Mighty Girl.
Michelle McCann’s compilation of women throughout history who have changed the world should inspire all young readers. Image and buying info from Amazon.
Martha, our technical writer, loved this award-winning book by Scott O’Dell tells the story of a woman who makes sacrifices, learns to survive alone, and adapts to adverse circumstances. Image and buying info from Amazon.
Intern Kaitlyn fondly remembers Richard Scarry’s world of Busytown, especially this book, for helping spur an interest in learning how things work and then building them. Image and buying info from Amazon.


There are, of course, many other excellent and inspiring choices for young readers. What were some of the books you remember reading or that you would recommend for empowering the children in your life?


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