zUNO Clip for chipKIT



zUNOClip In Action


As the chipKITTM ecosystem and user base continue to expand, there’s a growing need for more flexible ways to mount these boards.  After all,  the standard form factor hole-pattern leaves much to be desired when it comes to mounting your host board into your project.  Which is why we created the zUNOTM  Clip for chipKIT, Arduino, and Arduino form-factor boards.


zUno-clip-ArduinoUno-600It’s a minimalist approach board mounting, but make no mistake, it works like a champ!  Simply mount the clip to your base platform using one or more of the three mounting holes (spaced ½” on centers) and clip your system board right in.  Then as you weave through your development process, if you need to clip and unclip your board, it’s a snap (pun intended)!   As one of our interns (and hopeless chipKIT junkies) put it, “It’s cute!”  Not exactly what I was going for when I designed it, but I’ll take it.


And to be spiritually aligned with the open-source community, we’ve made the zUNO Clip 3D CAD open source and available for download in 3D-printer friendly STL format.  This way, you can download and print your own zUNO Clip for free.  Or if you prefer, you can order them in 2-packs at www.blog.digilentinc.com.

It’s fun, it’s simple, and it’s available to purchase or 3D print here!


Catch Digilent at Maker Faire and ASEE for a free zUNO Clip sample and stay tuned for more exciting chipKIT product announcements coming soon!


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