ZYBO and Pmods in Electronics Design Magazine!

In this month’s edition of Electronics Design Magazine, a rather nice article calling out both our new ZYBO processor board and our Pmods™ was written. Bill Wong, the article’s author, discusses many of the user experience improvements that Xlinx has made in regards to their latest Zynq-7000 multi-core, ARM A9+FPGA processor. In those improvements he mentions both our newest ZYBO board and our Pmods™!

Zynq-7000 PMods, Digilent, Zybo, Xlinx

So if you can, go pick up a copy, or you can see the digital version by visiting the Electronics Design Magazine site here!

About Electronics Design Magazine:

Electronic Design supplies the engineering community with expert advice from expert engineers themselves. Electronic Design serves the electronic design and development industry which provides services for aviation, automotive, weapons, electronic warfare systems, computers, communications, cellular, broadcast, consumer electronics, ICs and semiconductors, medical, industrial, test equipment and more! 

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