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How Do I Get a Job in FPGA?

Getting a Job in FPGA FPGA engineers like solving tough problems and have a passion for using the latest technology to create new products. Here’s some information about the FPGA …

The Logic Analyzer instrument in WaveForms can be used to easily decode Manchester encoding signals. The following guide presents what Manchester encoding is, what are its advantages over unencoded digital …

Popular This Month

MiB vs MB- Whats the Difference?

Brandon K. provides a quick rundown on the nuances of notation.

When Digital Becomes Analog: A Story of Mixed Signals

Though oscilloscopes are most known for viewing and diagnosing analog signals, there are some cases where critical characteristics of digital signals can only be viewed on an oscilloscope. When designing …

Battle Over the FPGA: VHDL vs Verilog! Who is the True Champ?

Check out the showdown between these two popular FPGA coding options!

Running 5+ Servos on a uC32…Can I Do It?

In the not too distant past, we made a couple of posts on Pmods that can help drive motors as well as a post on stepper motors. Today, we’re going to check out running multiple servo motors on a chipKIT board. Why would we want to do this? Well, aside from the nice feeling that comes from successfully doing some extreme multitasking, we’d also be able to run some super cool mechatronics projects, such as a robot arm!