Proximity-Sensing LEDs Part 1: On a Breadboard

Who doesn’t love interactive LEDs? This project started because I wanted to make a simple circuit that I could later move on to a printed circuit board (PCB) that I designed myself. (The original goal was to learn PCB design and layout.) This idea was given to me by my manager, Larissa, and was inspired by Evil Mad Science’s Octolively. Being an analog enthusiast, I came up with my own design that doesn’t use any ICs.

Printoo: 2D Printed Circuits

Right now everyone is talking about 3D printing, but at least one group thinks 2D printing isn’t dead yet. Last month, Ynvisible launched their KickStarter campaign to produce Printoo, a set of thin, flexible Arduino-compatible boards and modules.

Two Events Half Way Around the Globe: May 16-18th

Half of the team is headed to Digilent Romania for the 10-year Anniversary Design Contest, while the other half of is gearing up to go to Bay Area Maker Faire!
If you are near either Romania or in the USA, Bay Area, we would love to have you stop by and say hello! Stay tuned on our Twitter and Facebook feeds to see the events as they happen.